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Is it better to mine on multiple slow computers or one faster.After it is download, installed and then you will need to Exclude.How to Create a Raspberry Pi Bitcoin Miner. by Jason Barnett 4 Apr 2014.Look at most relevant Windows phoenix miner websites out of 621 Thousand at Windows phoenix miner found at,, bitcoinmining.

Hi, any chance you could link 2.0.8, AVG had a bit of a hissy fit claiming it was a virus and buggered it on me.Hey, I appreciate your work in trying to make mining simple, if you can push this through to being stable I see this being very successful.Are wallets specific for each coin or can I use one wallet for all different coins.Nick, I wanted to tell you that I was able to sync the Qubit and Max coin wallets.I think have some sort of speed problem, I have a cpu with AES enabled and like 20% faster than your but I only can get like 3 MMC after about 6 hours(if not less).

I am having trouble with the CPU miner in that when I start it no dos window appears at all.Wondering if the link to the datacoin wallet above is current.In this video I show how to mine Bitcoin using GUIminer (for Windows).Well I have been trying to mine quark for 24 hours, not one coin yet, well nothing in my wallet anyway.Hi guys. I seem to be having some trouble using GUIMiner to connect to multipool.Thanks for all the Support, If you could post what Steps you took to Fix the Qubit and Maxcoin i have had a lot of people ask me how to sync and i have had some trouble myself with those two in the past.You get a faction of a XPM per share depending on whether it is 6ch 7ch so forth.

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If you want to invest in bitcoin mining without the hassle of managing your own hardware, there is an alternative.Generate FREE Titcoins using your home computer or customized mining hardware.Consequently, some users on heed that the undisclosed fees make the service unwise to use for the time being.

Interesting so if you are getting the work mmpool error you are mining MemoryCoin from two different computers on the same IP but now you are changing to Primecoin and still get a Error.

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Also is there a command to make it run on only 7 of the 8 cores.

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What impact, if any, do they have on mining and profit. Thanks.A bitcoin and altcoin discussion forum, offering members a wide range of free features such as groups, and blogs.GUIMiner can be downloaded from the BitcoinTalk Forum by following the link to this thread.

Before the instaltion, please make sure you have.Net Framework 4.0 instaled.Sry one more, tried installing on a 2nd PC pointing to a diff wallet. getting error that says.CrazyGuy over in the Bitcointalk forumn has a really great windows installer.

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