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I am mining ArtByte and LiteCoin using a single GTX 1070 GPU.It was purposefully chosen by Charlie Lee due the understanding that it was more resistant (not necessarily immune) to GPU and ASIC mining than the SHA256d proof-of-work used by the Bitcoin protocol.

Yet the difficulty rating was still (temporarily) at around a mere 1,000 meaning that the return-on-investment for even a small rig composed of 7950s was relatively quick.

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While you can read through the developmental history of both Bitcoin (the network) and bitcoin (the token), the original miners and early adopters from 2009 and 2010 mined for a variety of reasons and motivations.While some miners simply look at the short-term seigniorage of flipping a few blocks, long-term mining operations probably will hold onto whatever tokens with a view that the tokens will appreciate by an order of magnitude.

The Litecoin Mining Calculator will calculate LTC profitability in terms of USD and Bitcoin.Live calculator updates instantly with litecoin network hashrate and exchange rate. LiteCoin Mining Profitability Calculator.Difficulty increases same as 6 mo. historical avg and LTC increases at more than 6 mo. historical avg.

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My friends spent hours calling up and chatting to online shops from Taobao and Tmall to try and locate any supplier with product.In some cases, merely buying LTC and holding is actually more profitable.

Thus the same issues of supply, demand, price discovery and profitability now exist. 2.And that over the next 6-9 months the difficulty rating jumps to 30,000 (9x the level today).

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Using WhatToMine you can check, how profitable it is to mine selected altcoins in comparison to ethereum or bitcoin.No, but you are probably more exposed to risks with fewer potential upsides than downsides.This past spring I helped build a couple simple Sapphire 7950 -based mining rigs in Shanghai for a few friends.It is an end-to-end snapshot (what it is today versus what it will be 6 months from now).

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That means you would likely only generate enough litecoins (at current prices) to cover the costs for the Viper in the first year (ignoring all other pool fees, electricity costs, taxes, duties, etc.).Mining type. LITECOIN. Second in popularity after Bitcoin. Contract. SCRYPT. Term. Lifetime. Revenue.The aggregator which provided data for mining profitability calculator is highlighted in green LTC. Customer reviews: AntRouter R1-LTC ~1.29MH/s

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If history is any guide (and perhaps it is not) looking back at the California Gold Rush (the 49ers) the firms who ended up financially in the black were merchants and service companies such as Samuel Brannan, Philip Armour, John Studebaker, Levi Strauss and Wells Fargo. 6 Those who also made and sold mining equipment (picks, axes, shovels, sluices) had mixed results.

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It is probably very difficult to locate 32 of these GPUs, let alone 42 for Scenario 4.

This is my seconding mining farm mining Dogecoin and Litecoin.

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One other option for HNWI is that you could invest in an IC design company such as Alchip which does the physical design for KnC. 8 Or create your own engineering team to build ASIC machines for internal use only and sell public shares just like ASICMiner in Guangdong did last year.

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Below is a very rudimentary table that utilizes this Litecoin difficulty calculator. 10.

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But that is unneeded as this shows you that in every instance, building GPU-based systems instead of buying the ASIC is probably more profitable in the first 6 months.

That is to say, the extra units of profitability (or unprofitablity) sends a signal to market participants to either continue one particular activity (like mining) or to shut down mining operations altogether.To give you an idea why, look at the current Litecoin Mining Pool hashrate.