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The St Louis area as a whole is one of the cheapest places to live and very safe if you stay away from the city and North County areas.I recently moved back to Poughkeepsie and I think this article is spot on.I love Anchorage. 80% of the things in this article have me confused.It has no earthquakes, no serious droughts, no tornadoes worth mentioning, is insulated from Atlantic storms by the state of New Jersey (but is driveable to the white sand beaches of that state and Pocano Mountain range skiing).And the idiots that live there continue time and time again to vote in the very morons who continue to perpetuate the failed polices that contribute to the disintegration of their communities and the families therein.Northeast Ohio is beautiful, has a nearby national park, is home to worldclass arts and cultural organizations, and is truly affordable.

I invite the author to take a tour with me and then give an educated opinion.In particular, as a transplant myself, no other big city is anywhere near as welcoming for outsiders.Each one of us has an opinion, yours is just as valid as mine.

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Saint Louis is an epic mess, but no matter what, it is my region, it is my city, and I will always know that while it is a shameful wreck of a metro area, I know it can do much better, and I will never give up hope.Not aware that voters are continuing to elect indicted people.Wives were taken from their husbands and often raped before their very eyes.Something California can seem to enact), beautiful historic architecture on the West Side, and cheap, cheap real estate.This post was created by a member of our community, where anyone can post awesome content.They are spot on, but maybe it should have been higher than number three.More thoughtful and informed journalism is in the comments section.There are illiterate, unintelligent, violent, mentally disturbed, and lazy whites just as there are blacks.

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Unions are great for the corrupt politcians and uber wealthy types that deal in secret back door deals over contracts while working together to keep free enterprise and competition away from these contracts.

So if your not willing to work for your city, move somewhere fluffy like Hollywood.It enjoys a diverse economy (examples include Comcast headquarters, Aramark, FMC, and many biotech firms such as GlaxoSmithKline, much more).Pingback: Move Away From Atlantic City Says Online Article ().Stop attacking people when they have views that differ from yours.Do you want to live somewhere with a little different culture.

Funny how when it comes to crime you mention the whole city and when you mention food you only say downtown.This article seems to be based off of statistical data, rather than any type of living experience.Most of these are there unjustly and on life sentences for marijauna (3 times losers).By your insanely idiotic logic, every single human being on earth sucks.

So here are the top 10 best and worst places in the US to live: BEST CITIES 1.The job market in Chicago for qualified experts is ridiculously good.

Great article pasted below so you can educate yourself a bit more.Even Lake Erie has good water in it since Big Steel left the U.S. And Cleveland has been undergoing quite a renaissance for a long time now.They are considered to be multi-dimensional blueprints that tell you where you should live. of the best cities for you to live. the United States that let.It has already been widely reported that those statistics are misleading.Not aware that the state has placed and continues to place more and more controls on people in order to fine and penalize them to collect more revenue.World-class city vs. burned-out industrial town in the shadow of New York, Newark and all of the lovely Passaic and Bergen County bedroom communities that surround it.East LA is not a city- it is just the wrong side of the tracks in a city.

Finally they have a law in place for law abiding citizens with clean records to carry a concealed handgun to protect themselves and their families.Used to have great Fri. lunches under the West Liberty made by the best chef in Buffalo.

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I find it interesting, as I watched Robcop II the other day in preparation for the launch of the new movie.

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Louis has the opposite of a bustling downtown with an astonishing lack of decent restaurants, boutiques, local businesses and coffee shops.I grew up in Poughkeepsie and currently live in San Francisco.Btw, Anchorage is the place that voted Sarah DumbChick Palin in as governor.Display item info (the thumbnail, name, description and editor).My message is simply this- if you are reading this list, take everything with a grain of salt.Louis City ever again however the City is only a small sliver of the actual metro area.Try reading the whole article before you plagiarize content next time.

The horrendous treatment of my people at the hands of your people was a sin before God.I may go back to visit every now and then, but will not live there.Wow completely shocked by the last paragraph of the Philadelphia section.Criminals do NOT flee cities or states that have restrictive gun laws, rather, they are ATTRACTED to those areas because their victims are defenseless.The shutting down of the gov a few months ago proved my point.Yeah there is crime everywhere but take a stroll down main street and delafield street at 2 am.Once this eye sore is removed maybe and a small maybe at that a case can be made.If the author lived in San Francisco, Oakland would have made the list.

I was a Manhattanite from a baby and I absolutely love it up here inthe Hudson Valley.

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Cleveland is a great place to live and work, with plenty of upscale suburbs.Louis this article is 100% spot on when describing the area known as St.They built cars, bridges, roads, trains, planes, and many other daily use products.Labor laws, the ACLU, and activist groups keeping a watchdog eye on business practices have replaced the need for unions IMO.Australia before moving to Kansas City and have visited many big cities around the world and the US and can.Local historians, entrepreneurs, and artists are working together to bring Main Street back.